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Held every September, the Tuna Challenge is our annual tournament. Now in its 3rd year, not only is this a great tournament, the event also features live music, parties and more! This year’s challenge will take place starting on September 28th and will end on October 1st. You can subscribe to our newsletter for updates on this year’s tournament!


Tournament Entry & Payout:

Yellowfin Tuna – Entry $2,000

Based on 25 boats.

1st Place – $25,000

2nd Place – $12,500

3rd Place – $5,000

Swordfish – Entry $2,000

Based on 10 boats.

1st Place – $25,000

2nd Place – $12,500

3rd Place – $5,000

Tournament Meeting:
A team member must check-in at the Captain’s Meeting held on September 28, 2017 at the Hurricane Hole Marina at 6:30pm. Sign-in is required. Rules are subject to change. Any revisions to the rules will be made final by the conclusion of the Captain’s Meeting.

1. Scales are open Friday and Saturday beginning at 5:00pm and closing at 8:00pm located at the Hurricane Hole Marina. You must be back at the dock by 7:30pm on Saturday to weigh-in.
2. The fish to be weighed in must not be mutilated in any such manner and freshly caught.
3. The fish must be tail tagged with the boat and angler’s name prior to leaving the boat. The angler must accompany the fish to the scales.
4. Three fish per species per boat can be weighed in each day.
5. The tournament committee has final say and reserves the right to disqualify any fish in poor condition.
6. In case of a tie, the first fish weighed wins the tiebreaker.

Permits & License:
1. All captains and crew members must be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the State of Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries. If any rules are violated, the entire vessel will be disqualified.
2. Anglers must have a valid Louisiana fishing license.
3. An Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Permit (HMS) is required and anglers must be familiar with and follow the HMS regulations.

1. In the event the tournament committee feels in their best judgement fishing is unsafe due to severe weather or high seas, the tournament may be cancelled or delayed. If delayed, a new start time or date will be announced should weather conditions improve. If cancelled, teams will be refunded minus the $500 nonrefundable deposit. If one day is fished, the tournament goes on.
2. All teams and participants should make their decision to fish based solely on their own judgement. Fish at your own risk.

1. Swordfish must measure at least 70 inches in length from tip of the lower jaw to the fork of the tail.
2. No electric reels allowed. If you are hand cranking on a reel with electric capabilities, the power must be unplugged while fighting the fish.
3. Fish must be landed with a gaff or net. No harpoons, flying gaffs, or darts.

1. Any protest relating to the tournament must be submitted to the tournament committee in writing no later than 15 minutes following the closing of the scales.
2. All disputes are decided by the tournament committee and their decisions are final.
3. Poor sportsmanship will be grounds for disqualification.

Highlights from last years event!

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